Workout of the week-Swimming

Let me start this blog with a swimming workout. Swimming has always been my passion and I have had difficulty understanding why so many struggle in the swim. I remember my mother seeing me as a 2 year old fall into our backyard pool. She immediately panicked and ran after her little boy, but I naturally kicked my little feet and found my way to the side of the pool before my mom even got there. This stress and sense of fear is what limits many non-swimmers and some developing swimmers as well. So, if you have these fears then today is the day to let go and enjoy the beauty that is the aquatic world.

Swimming is a sport that takes time to master but that investment is well worth it. Take the time to learn stroke technique, watch adept swimmers (local club swimmers, youtube or on television), find a coach and/or join your local masters. The triathlon swim can be a chaotic mess, It can be stress free once you have mastered these skills and enjoyed lots of swimming time.

Modify this workout rest intervals to reflect your current abilities and if you need more rest take it.

Swimming Workout #1

Warm-up 500 yards Interval: At your own pace
Take this slow you are just starting a full workout. Mix in some non-freestyle swimming as well (Butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke).

Set 1

5x 100 yards

50 yards freestyle drill, 50 yards free Interval: 20 seconds rest
The first 50 focus on your stroke technique. Choose a drill that focuses on your weakness. If you are unsure what your weakness is then consider catch up freestyle drill. This drill focuses on your catch in the water by helping you maintain high elbow position. Watch the following video for some tips on success for this drill:
5x 100 yards moderate Interval: 20 seconds rest
Choose a rest interval that suites you. Each 100 should build-up to a moderate-hard pace.
Main Set

6x 300 yards

150 yards moderate, 150 yards moderate-hard Interval: 30 seconds rest
This set is to work on aerobic capacity. Each 300 should be around the same pace.
Final Set

4x 25 yards butterfly kick on back Interval: 10 seconds rest
4x 25 yards flutter kick on back Interval: 10 seconds rest
4x 25 yards butterfly kick on back Interval: 10 seconds rest

Cool Down

200 yards easy

Total yards: 3,800 yards

That is it. You did it! Hope you had fun.