Favorite Training links

Gold standard to record training, find legitimate effective training plans, post-workout analysis, goal setting, and developing a unique training program.

Strava has been a great motivator. Strava has local segments that allow you to compete against all individuals that have posted rides in that area. This has been a great challenge on some tough segments and a way to search for new rides I never knew about.

The new training video game. Join users worldwide for group rides, road like feel, uniquely developed workouts and various challenges. Push your cycling avatar to new limits and earn the ability to customize your appearance and gear.

Computer based and mobile app used with smart trainers with 100’s of various workouts that will help you achieve whatever goal you are pursuing. You can also create your own workouts with the workout creator or transfer actual data files to mimic your favorite bike course or local ride. See the following article for importing your files or you can also use BestBikeSplit to access course files and create a file to mimic your goal race effort on that course. See the following article to import BestBikeSplit files into TrainerRoad.