Favorite Gear

​Zoot is a shoe company bred in Hawaii which has evolved into an apparel and shoe behemoth. Their styles and colors portray their roots. Not only is their gear unique but it is also stylish, colorful, and gives you some serious flare. Plus, with them you are training and racing in top tier triathlon gear. Their shoes have been my go to for years. The Zoot brand has been an amazing supporter to age group athletes across the country and around the world. I have also been proud age group member of Team Zoot Mid-Atlantic since 2014. Thanks Zoot for your support and excellent gear!

I have used the Garmin 910xt since I started competing as an age group triathlete in 2011. It has been a great tool to develop and analyze my training efforts and progress. That being said the 910xt had its limitations praticularly the computer syncing system, battery life, size and GPS syncing. The 920xt has answered many of these limitations for me. Its auto-syncing allows me to analyze workouts immediately, the battery life has improved since the 910 and the GPS finds a signal in seconds. Although the size is still a limitation it also is much more practical as a daily watch connecting with my cell phone for notifications and extended battery life when the GPS is not in use. Combined with the
HRM-TRI you can also gain added running dynamics (cadence, vertical oscillation, stride lengths, etc) and use aerobic decoupling to aid in understanding progression and current fitness. Although no longer top of the line it remains a workhorse for my training analytics.

The Wahoo Kickr has been one of my greatest investments into developing my engine and saving minutes on the course. The Kickr is a smart trainer that allows you to connect with your computer and complete workouts through Trainerroad and Zwift (as well as many other platforms). Get ready to develop your quads and starting crushing the bike.